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ROELMI HPC aims to enhance humans life-quality linking science and environmental preservation in the best way possible.

NIP® Program

ROELMI HPC is approaching the future through innovation and evolution. We aim to protect the value of Nature and People in product manufacturing. We care about the environmental impact of our productions by adopting eco-sustainable processes and renewable raw materials. We aim both to keep high quality standards and efficacies.

Our program No Impact In Progress® (NIP) applies to all ROELMI HPC products and technologies, and it stands as a mission for every process focusing on Quality, People safety and Environment preservation. ROELMI HPC believes that only the daily action in respect to Environment could lead to a durable result.

Progress is future, now is in progress:
NIP® PROGRAM – A drop grazes, but a waterfall amazes



Thanks to its long-term expertise, ROELMI HPC approaches the Health & Personal care market through a scientific method based on recognized quality, cutting-edge research and passion.

With a deep commitment to sustainable development, ROELMI HPC aims to respect and preserve Nature in manufacturing process by using and proposing only soft processes and renewable resources.

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