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Project Description

Celus-BI® Feel

Technological sensorial sphere

Celus-BI® FEEL is the reliable and unique opportunity for leave-on cosmetics with a sustainable impact on Environment. Coming from Nature-friendly sources, Celus-BI® FEEL represents the innovation in terms of texturizing agents: proved good performances against standard plasticizing powders and peculiar sustainable impact on the Environment, cause they do not retain their shape after disposal.

Celus-BI® Feel perfectly fits NIP® program:

eco-friendly alternative:
Easy-to-use innovation: technological sensorial spheres for sustainable cosmetics. Texturizers with proved performances (unique softness, smoothness & absorption rate) against standard plasticizing powders and peculiar environmental-friendly impact on the Environment (inherent biodegradable according to OECD 301 method). Triple action: Sustainability for People, (safety in use and after disposal with tested biodegradability behaviour), Sustainability in Innovation (being the valid alternative before legislative ban) and Sustainability in Economy (same cost-in-use than classic references).

sustainable growth:
One of the sustainable development goals within United Nations 2030 agenda is to prevent and significantly reduce marine pollution. In fact, marine litter, due to several applications, is a hot-topic for NGOs that want to defend sea life. A number of Nations answer to this problem by banning plastic microbeads in cosmetics. It is an urgent need to find an available performing ingredient able to replace plastic microbeads in an eco-sustainable way.

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