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Project Description

Celus-BI® Sphera

The alternative to banned micro beads

Celus-BI® Sphera is the eco-friendly alternative to standard micro beads, that allows the formulation of cleansing products, without any impact on the environment and with a tested inherent biodegradability.

Celus-BI® Sphera perfectly fits NIP® program:

eco-friendly alternative:
Microspheres are often found in personal care products, mostly used as exfoliating agents to remove dead skin and, in the case of oral care, as tooth polishing. In 2017 the Microbead-Free Waters Act of 2015 will be effective for rinse-off products in a number of countries in USA and it has already started being considered an issue also in Europe and Australia.
A partnership with a leading biopolymer company allows the development of performing cleansing ingredient aiming at zero impact on the environment.

sustainable growth:
Microspheres became pretty famous because of the Microbead-Free Waters Act of 2015, that will be effective for rinse-off products in a number of countries in USA in 2017 and it is already an issue also in Europe and Australia. By this law, the government forbids the use of non-biodegradable plastics inside rinse-off cosmetics, as they are considered toxic for the marine environment and, consequently, for men.

Celus-BI® Sphera 12

Low particle size, soft cleansing effect, adapted for mild and delicate exfoliating face products.

Celus-BI® Sphera 23

Medium particle size, medium exfoliating effect, adapted for body and face exfoliating products, it brings a regenerating effect and an effective dead skin cells removal.

Celus-BI® Sphera 35

High particle size, strong exfoliating effect, adapted for powerful body scrub products, it brings tonifying effect.

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