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Project Description


Bring back the natural serenity of your skin

Ingredient benefits

PhytoSerene was tested in-vitro & in-vivo on its performances, and demonstrated:

  • a capacity to improve skin barrier effect after stress
  • a capacity to consequently improve skin moisturization
  • a quick capacity to diminish erythema index (15 minutes to 2 hours)
  • a capacity to help diminish skin redness after submission to a stress

What is it?

PhytoSerene is an extremely pure beta-sitosterol, a natural micro-nutrient plant fat which is found in the cells and membranes of the tree. Chemically very similar to animal fat cholesterol, this plant sterol is totally different in its biological function, but because the humans do not synthesize sterols in the body, it is necessary to replace daily losses.

What does it do?

PhytoSerene demonstrates the capacity to reduce the skin redness after exposure to a chemical agent and diminish the TEWL forming a barrier.

Biological target

As skin ages or is damaged by external stresses, it looses the integrity of its barrier function, and cannot effectively protect the dermis against irritating factors. Dehydration and redness appear then, leading to an acceleration of skin aging.

Mechanism of action

Scientific research has shown that beta-sitosterol appears to have a vitamin-like action on the functioning of the immune system. It also reduces the release of some pro-inflammatory cytokines, inhibits STAT1, and increases anti-inflammatory IL10 while inhibiting the translocation of NF-kB to the nucleus.



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