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Project Description


4D long-lasting protection

Ingredient benefits

TechnoHYAL TETR-HA is a film former:

  • improves the skin barrier versus external aggression
  • maintains water into the skin
  • resistant to Hyaluronidaseactivity

What is it?

TechnoHYAL TETR-HA is a crosspolymer in which any single chain of the original biopolymer is cross linked with the other through a net of bonds.

What does it do?

The main effect of this crosspolymer is to be able to create a film on the skin which protects the skin itself and prevent the TEWL.

Biological target

During the natural aging process the skin loses the capacity to protect itself because the lipidic film is degraded. TechnoHYAL TETR-HA, filming the skin, helps to reinforce the barrier versus the external environment.

Mechanism of action

TechnoHYAL TETR-HA create a pleasant film on the skin that reinforce the skin barrier, because of the cross polymerization and so the wide size, it has no permeation through the epidermis so this Hyaluronans can not be attacked and degraded by the hyaluronidases.

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